Thursday, December 20, 2012

The List, yikes!

Good day to you all!  We have finally moved into our dream home and now my ideas can become reality.  So, I have already told you about how this house has great bones, but it comes with the added and unwanted flavor of "I am stuck in autumn country living hell".  Maybe some people, well obviously some people, love their homes to be washed year round in the entire Fall spectrum.  We are NOT those people.  What you can take from this is PAINTING, lots of PAINTING, among other things.

Lets take a quick look at a growing list of interior projects and some visuals for perspective.  Keep in mind, we are of the Eclectic/Modern persuasion, so the list is long.... =/
  1. Modernize the family room:
    • Get rid of the pumpkin paint, yes PUMPKIN.  Paint a shade of gray.
    • Close off laundry and bathroom access from this room which will create a nice solid wall.
    • Make that solid wall beautiful by covering it in stacked stone.
    • Paint the fireplace a shade of gray, this will cover the existing crazy color slate tiles and black grout.
    • Figure out what to do with the sheet rock beam which separates the family room from the kitchen, maybe cover with wood & stain?
    • Hang our dark gray IKEA canvas-ish curtains...floor to ceiling =)
    • New central lighting fixture
  2. Modernize the eat-in kitchen:
    • Remove Wal-Mart style fluorescent lighting, install new fixture.
    • Remove country kitchen pendant light from eat-in portion, install new fixture.
    • Get rid of the "pumpkins laying the sun" paint colors. Paint a shade of gray. 
    • Remove soffits
    • Rearrange then raise wall cabinets to industry standard height, or higher!
    • Rearrange base cabinets (re-utilization & to get rid of wrap around peninsula).
    • Paint all cabinets black (welcome to the dark side).
    • Remove micro-vent combo, replace with new extractor hood.
    • Install new IKEA Numerar countertops in Oak (yay!).
    • Add new IKEA Kansli handles =)
    • Convert pantry into refrigerator encasement.
    • Build new pantry next to future coffee bar.
    • Paint country style Windsor table &, silver, gray, turquoise shades?
    • Make some simple tie up or roman shades.
  3. Grand Staircase & Entry
  4. Downstairs Guest Bath Refresh
    • New toilet
    • Remove old cultured marble wrap around vanity
    • Remove tile on floors
    • Add new light fixture
    • Install new flooring
    • Install IKEA Lillangen/Talleviken vanity
    • New paint on walls
    • Art?
  5. Upstairs Guest Bath Refresh
    • New toilet
    • Install new flooring
    • New vanities (probably IKEA Lillangen/Talleviken)
    • New shower and sink faucets/fixtures
    • New paint on walls
    • Art?
  6. Master Bath Renovation
    • Remove closet door and entrance walls (open it up!)
    • Remove disgusting cultured marble walk-in shower stall
    • Remove jacuzzi tub and cultured marble surround 
    • Remove vanity, mirror, and light fixture
    • Make a new walk in shower (ideas to come)
    • Install IKEA Godmorgon/Odensvik vanities and tall cabinets
    • Install IKEA Dalskar faucets
    • New window coverings
    • Install IKEA Pax or Elga wardrobes (yay!)
  7. Master Bedroom
    • New paint
    • New window coverings
    • Ideas for balcony and balcony door....?
  8. Last Bit of Items
    • New paints for formal living and dining rooms
    • New or improved chandelier for formal living and dining rooms
    • New window coverings for formal living and dining rooms
    • New paint for office
    • New light fixtures for office
Seriously, I was not joking.

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